Why should you choose an e-scooter from comscoot?

  • Exclusive partner of STREETBOOSTER for the Austrian market
  • High quality e-scooters adapted to Austrian traffic regulations
  • Wide range of additional functions and interesting extras for maximum driving comfort
  • Support from comscoot for service and repairs
  • Quality and reliability of STREETBOOSTER

Are you looking for an e-scooter for the Austrian market? Then comscoot is the right place for you. As an exclusive partner of STREETBOOSTER, comscoot offers high-quality e-scooters that are specially adapted to the traffic regulations in Austria.

Choose the comscoot ECO, which corresponds to the STREETBOOSTER ONE, or the comscoot PERFORMANCE, which corresponds to the STREETBOOSTER TWO. Both models are equipped with a cruise control function and limited to 25 km/h to comply with current traffic regulations in Austria.

In addition to the standard functions, comscoot also offers a wide range of additional functions and interesting extras that provide even more driving comfort. And if there are ever any problems with your e-scooter, the comscoot team will be happy to assist you with service and repairs.

So choose an e-scooter from comscoot and benefit from the quality and reliability of STREETBOOSTER. Find out now about the high-quality e-scooters from comscoot and find the perfect e-scooter for your needs.