• Very good customer support as comscoot is an Austrian company
  • Service and repair options
  • Sustainable (7 years guaranteed spare parts supply)
  • Spare parts are always in stock and are therefore quickly available
  • A mobile phone holder and a lock are included with the purchase of the scooters
  • Both models feature energy recovery through recuperation
  • The ComScooters have cruise control
  • 3 driving modes (12, 20 and 25km/h) can be set
  • Both models can be folded within a few seconds and fit well in the boot or on the public transport system.
  • Lightweight or robust construction (13.5kg / 20kg)
  • Strong engine performance in both models
  • App connection (parking lock, lighting control, service intervals and technical details are displayed)
  • Austrian brand!
  • Good range with “ComScooter ECO” (26km under high load and 40km under normal conditions).
  • Very good range with “ComScooter Performance” (33km under high load and 50km under normal conditions).
  • The e-scooters have a road permit in Austria
  • They have motor overheating protection
  • An intelligent battery management system is integrated in both models, which means that the battery is charged very gently and deep discharges are not possible.
  • Damper rubbers for a pleasant driving experience
  • Jerk-free driving off & braking
  • Child-friendly
  • Service and repair options
  • Back-pedalling brake
  • 3 driving modes (6, 12 and 16km/h) can be set
  • Foldable within a few seconds
  • Lightweight construction (7.5 kg)
  • Austrian brand!
  • Around 10 km range (15km on the test bench)
  • Stable and safe construction
  • Soft handles with childproof,
    lateral anti-slip protection
  • Comfortable suspension (35mm travel)
  • Jerk-free driving off & braking
  • Easy cleaning of the tread rubber board

All Austrian Streetbooster owners have the possibility to modify their Streetbooster models at comscoot to 25 km/h by software adjustment.

If you are interested, please contact [email protected] or call 0720 / 227060.

Water damage can be completely ruled out with comscoot e-scooters!

This is due to the high-quality workmanship of the battery and the circuit boards. The battery is completely encased in aluminium and the controller is even cast with epoxy resin.

Thus, these two components, which contribute significantly to the function of the comscoot e-scooter, are waterproof.

We are available by telephone daily from 08:00 – 18:00, also on Sundays and public holidays!

You are also welcome to send an e-mail to [email protected].

There is no helmet requirement for moving an e-scooter in Austria. Nevertheless, we recommend that every e-scooter rider wears a helmet for their own safety.

  • Wearing a helmet is recommended from the age of 12, below that age it is compulsory.
  • Before setting off, make sure that all technical equipment is in good condition.
  • Adhere to all prescribed traffic rules.
  • You must at least have a cycling licence or be at least 12 years old to ride a ComScooter.
  • Each e-scooter may only be used by one person (no passengers).
  • Do not drive if you have been drinking alcohol.
  • Drive especially carefully and with foresight at night.
  • Never use your smartphone while driving.
  • Always keep an eye on other road users such as car drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.

No insurance cover is required in Austria. Nevertheless, we recommend that every customer takes out comscoot e-scooter insurance. With this low-cost insurance, cases of handling errors, falls, battery damage, theft, wear parts from the 7th month and much more are covered. covered.

You can take out the insurance directly and easily on our website.

The e-scooter models in the “ECO”, “PERFORMANCE” and “SCOOTY” series are foldable. It is always advisable to place one foot on the footboard and push the handlebars slightly forward, which relieves the built-in shock absorbers and makes it very easy to fold the e-scooter.

You can find more information and video instructions in our instructions-section.

You can also see which e-scooter can be folded in detail in the comparison table.

The ranges of comscoot e-scooters were determined in a realistic way. A test rider with 80 kg, depressed throttle, normal to steep terrain. After deducting a safety buffer, we arrived at the following ranges:

comscoot ECO: 26 km
comscoot ECO PLUS: 34 km
comscoot PERFORMANCE: 33 km
comscoot PERFORMANCE PLUS: 31 km
comscoot MAX: 42 km
comscoot MAX 45: 34 km
comscoot SCOOTY: 8 km

comscoot is the official general importer of the German brand Streetbooster. The various sales territories of the two companies, which belong together, were divided up contractually. comscoot not only supplies Austria, but also other countries in Southern and Eastern Europe.

All comscoot e-scooter models are adapted to the respective traffic regulations of the individual markets and therefore reach higher speeds than German e-scooter models.

Since comscoot e-scooters underwent a long development process and high-quality materials were used, they are suitable for road traffic and also very safe. Not only all the circuit boards, but also the battery is waterproof, so there are no technical failures during the ride. Thanks to large and air-filled tyres, potholes can be cushioned and falls avoided.

Click here to learn more about our various payment methods.

A free chain lock is included with the purchase of a comscoot ECO or PERFORMANCE.

comscoot ECO:
Here the lock can be wrapped twice around the handlebar and attached to an adjacent fastening object. It is important to check that the scooter cannot be unthreaded!

in the case of the comscoot PERFORMANCE, the lock can simply be threaded through the centre stand. This makes it impossible to unthread the scooter.

On the one hand, e-scooters can significantly reduce a company’s infrastructure requirements: the use of each ComScooter can thus save parking spaces on the company premises. In addition, the e-scooters from ComScoot are a “goodie” for employees that can be offered in combination with the ÖBB climate ticket, for example, and thus create an advantage over the competition in recruiting, but also in employer branding. Companies can also provide a ComScooter with their own stickers – this creates an additional, cost-effective advertising space.
The e-scooters also represent a clear commitment to a climate-neutral future and are the ideal way to cover the “first” and the “last mile” on the way to work in the most climate-friendly way possible – and there’s no shortage of fun either.
Thanks to the long-term rental solutions offered, which also include a service package, the e-scooters can also be used privately by employees in their free time, as there is no need to resort to the otherwise often common sharing systems – and thanks to the service package, companies also do not need to worry about tasks such as servicing or repairs.

We would be happy to present our offer and its benefits to you in more detail – contact us via [email protected] and we will come to you for a personal appointment!

Very interesting for companies: the comscoot BOOMERANG system!

The “comscoot PERFORMANCE” model, which has a more powerful engine and a greater range than the “comscoot ECO”, is basically intended for the tourist sector. On the one hand, hotel owners have the option of buying or leasing any number of units and then renting them out on their own. A service contract can also be offered in this case.

With comscoot e-scooters, they also position themselves as modern and future-oriented accommodation through the two topics of e-mobility and digitalisation, and there is thus the opportunity to tap into a completely new customer clientele. For your guests, the e-scooters are perfect for sightseeing tours or excursions in the surrounding area and, thanks to the practical exchangeable battery, even extended day tours can be undertaken with the e-scooter model “comscoot PERFORMANCE”.

Gerne kommen wir für einen persönlichen Termin zu Ihnen – wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage unter [email protected]!

Very interesting for tourist use: the comscoot BOOMERANG system!

In our online shop, all comscoot e-scooters can be purchased easily and safely. You are welcome to make an appointment for a detailed test drive of all comscoot e-scooters.

If a technical problem occurs, simply write to [email protected] or fill in the contact form. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your request!

We are available by telephone daily from 08:00 – 18:00, also on Sundays and public holidays!

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