Carefree scooting - with bikePAYMENT e-scooter insurance

bikePAYMENT offers you a protection package for your comscoot e-scooter that includes the following services:

What risks are insured with bikePAYMENT?

  • Burglary*, theft* or robbery
  • Vandalism
  • Damage to the e-scooter caused by falling, falling, accidents and operating or handling errors.
  • Wear (e.g. brakes, tyres)
  • Short circuit, induction and overvoltage
  • Weather influences (rain, frost, heat, etc.)
  • Assistance: Roadside Assistance & Recovery

* E-scooters must be secured with a safety lock (original purchase price min. € 50).

The highlights of the e-scooter insurance

  • Insurance cover for e-scooters up to a total purchase price of € 1,000, -.
  • The contract term for your e-scooter insurance can be extended as you wish. The minimum contract period is 1 year.
  • No excess (except for theft in Mallorca).
  • In the event of theft or total loss of your e-scooter: 5 years replacement value.
  • The insurance covers the repair costs in the event of accident, fall and breakdown damage as well as damage due to operating and handling errors, including all parts of the e-scooter.
  • Reimbursement of costs for wear and tear of brakes, tyres and inner tubes of up to € 150 per year.
  • Assumption of costs in the event of a defective battery in the first five years, even in the event of damage caused by frost. The insurance cover also applies to a second battery for your comscoot e-scooter included as standard when purchased.
  • Including e-scooter registration in the database at fase24.
  • The insurance cover applies throughout Austria and in all neighbouring states as well as in Croatia and on Mallorca.
  • Insurance of company e-scooters in the “commute” area is only possible if the respective employee personally takes out the insurance via bikePAYMENT.

Registration of your e-scooter in the FASE24 registration database

Registering your e-scooter in the database significantly increases your chances of getting it back in the event of theft. Selected authorities and security network partners have access to this database, which means that the rightful owner of the e-scooter can be identified more quickly and reliably.

Insurance cover incl. Assistance services from Allianz Partners

An insurance package that leaves nothing to be desired: comprehensive insurance cover for damage to the e-scooter and in the event of robbery or theft, as well as the organisation and assumption of costs for on-site breakdown assistance incl. Return transport.

When and where can you take out bikePAYMENT for your comscoot e-scooter?

You have the option of taking out insurance up to 12 months after purchase, provided your e-scooter is in an undamaged condition and a current photo of your e-scooter is uploaded in the course of registering with fase24. We recommend taking out insurance immediately after purchase – this way you are always on the safe side.
The insurance for your comscoot e-scooter can be taken out in just a few steps directly online at bikePAYMENT reliably insures your e-scooter including all parts that are permanently connected to it (e.g. lamps, handlebars), the charger and control unit (e-scooter) supplied as well as the safety lock.

€ 82,-/year

only possible with purchase or leasing