Repair bonus

Basic information

With the repair bonus, private individuals receive a subsidy of up to 200 euros for the repair of electrical and electronic appliances and/or up to 30 euros for obtaining a cost estimate from participating partner companies. The subsidy will be deducted directly upon payment of the invoice upon presentation of a voucher for a repair and/or for a cost estimate.

Who can apply for funding?

The funding campaign is aimed exclusively at private individuals with a residence in Austria. One voucher can be requested per unit, which can be used for a repair and/or a cost estimate. As soon as this voucher has been redeemed at the partner company, a new voucher can be applied for and used for another device.

What can be promoted?

Funding is provided for the repair and/or cost estimate for repair work on electrical and electronic appliances that are commonly used in private households. These are devices that are operated with a mains cable, rechargeable battery, battery or solar modules. A repair is a process in which a defective object is restored to a functional state.

This means that all comscoot e-scooter models are eligible!

How much is the repair bonus?

  • 50% of the gross costs
  • up to 200 euros for the repair of a comscoot e-scooter
  • up to 30 euros for obtaining a cost estimate

Generally excluded from the subsidy is the purchase of a new appliance or the exchange for a new or another generally overhauled appliance.

The equipment must be privately owned by the applicant and may not be borrowed or rented.

Procedure for repair with repair voucher

Step 1

Request repair voucher.

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Step 2

Receipt of the voucher.

(valid for a maximum of 3 months)

Step 3

Have e-scooters repaired by comscoot. (Or obtain a cost estimate)

Step 4

Redeem voucher.