In 4 steps to the
E-scooter funding

Basic information

The funding campaign of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) supports the purchase and operational use of light electric vehicles, electric mopeds and electric motorbikes that are powered exclusively by electricity from renewable energy sources. Subsidies are granted to all enterprises and other entrepreneurial organisations. In addition, public local authorities, associations and denominational institutions can also submit an application for funding.

Requirements for receiving a grant

Only commercial customers of comscoot who purchase or lease e-scooters can apply for a subsidy for e-scooters. To receive the subsidy, the comscoot e-scooters must be in operation for at least four years. It is therefore essential to conclude a service contract when purchasing or leasing the e-scooters. Furthermore, the e-scooters must be charged exclusively with green electricity: For this purpose, you will receive a corresponding charging card from us. If a leasing contract is selected, the e-scooters become 100% the property of the leasing company at the end of the 4-year leasing contract, no down payment is required. The minimum order quantity to receive the promotion is five pieces. Each invoice date of the submitted invoices may not be more than nine months ago at the time of the funding application. The vehicle invoice must also contain a short information text, which will be written by comscoot. To be able to choose the leasing option, at least five e-scooters must be leased. If the leasing option is chosen, the down payment must also be higher than the net subsidy amount.

Funding processing

The funding is handled by a dedicated funding advisor. This person takes care of successful funding processing. This provides you with an uncomplicated way of promoting the e-scooters.

Amount of the subsidy

The net subsidy amount of the e-scooters is 30% of the purchase price after deduction of the e-mobility bonus, but is limited to 250€. The e-mobility bonus is granted by comscoot and amounts to 150€. You will find it listed as a separate item on the corresponding invoice.

Steps towards promotion

Step 1

Buy or lease Comscoot e-scooters.

Step 2

Enter under this link and fill out the contact form there completely. (Password for the website: fmpv2022)

To the form >>

Step 3

Submit the contact form. The funding advisor will then contact you.

Step 4

The funding advisor takes care of successful funding processing and you receive the funding – very simply and straightforwardly.