The proper functioning of your e-scooter guarantees safe and smooth riding pleasure. This makes it all the more important to carry out servicing according to the recommended service intervals. During a service, the comscoot e-scooter is subjected to a comprehensive function test and any complaints are rectified immediately.

You can always reach us on 0720 / 227060 or through the contact form. Make an uncomplicated appointment for your next e-scooter service.

Important info
to the E-Scooter Service

Service intervals

According to the service book supplied. Mileage visible in the app.

Service costs

€ 49,-
(excl. VAT)


Service hotline
0720 / 227060 or request form.


Regular maintenance ensures continuous driving pleasure

All services
at a glance

  • Checking the frame and steerer tube for externally visible deformations and cracks
  • Checking all connections for correct tightening torques
  • Checking the handlebar for externally visible deformations and cracks
  • Checking the correct tightening torques of the handlebar screw connections
  • Checking the handles for wear and replacing them if necessary
  • Testing of all installation positions and fastenings
  • Checking the scooter tyres and replacing them if necessary
  • Checking the tyre pressure
  • Checking the rims for damage and correct concentricity
  • Check the folding mechanism for proper function
  • Check quick release for proper function and lubricate professionally
  • General testing of the safe operation of the e-scooter
  • Check brake system including brake lever for function and fastening
  • Check and clean brake pads and brake disc
  • Checking the Bowden cable
  • Checking the complete lighting system
  • Correct adjustment of the front light on your e-scooter
  • Check clamp-free cable routing
  • Check the functionality of the LCD display
  • Check for current software version and if necessary. Carrying out updates
  • Checking all driving modes
  • Checking the cruise control
  • Check recuperation brake
  • Checking the functionality of all switches and levers
  • Checking the bell for proper function
  • Check the self-protection safety mechanisms of the battery
  • Checking the battery and connections for damage
  • Checking the e-scooter for proper function
  • Final check (control of unusual noises, control of driving behaviour)

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