Authenticity of ratings - about trust and transparency

At comscoot, we place great value on trust and transparency towards our customers. Therefore, we want to assure you that all reviews on our website are authentic and reliable. We would like to give you an insight into our measures to ensure the authenticity of the reviews.

Trusted Shops - Independent reviews

We use Trusted Shops as an independent service provider for obtaining reviews. Trusted Shops has implemented strict control mechanisms and measures to ensure that the reviews submitted are genuine and authentic opinions from private customers. Thus, you can be sure that the reviews on our website are trustworthy.

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Google reviews

In addition to the reviews on our website, we also have Google reviews. Google reviews give you further insight into our customers’ experiences. These reviews come from real customers who have used our products and services. We value feedback from our customers and use it to continually improve our service.

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Test reports from independent test centers

We proudly present test reports from various independent testing agencies. These test reports have been compiled by recognised institutions that have in-depth knowledge and expertise. They provide you with further information about the quality and performance of our products. Some of these tests come from Germany, where STREETBOOSTER offers identical models. The independent test centres have thoroughly tested and evaluated our e-scooters to provide you with an objective assessment. We are proud that our products have performed well in these tests and that the positive response is confirmed by independent sources.


“The scooter accelerates pleasantly smoothly and, with a test person weighing 90 kilograms, made it from 0 to the maximum possible 25 km/h in sport mode in about seven seconds on flat, dry asphalt. The braking distance in the same conditions is around six metres with the drum brake, and up to two metres further with the electronic brake.”

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“comscoot, based in Lebring, Styria, is the Austrian distribution partner of the Streetbooster brand. Visually, the comscoot ECO is completely identical to the Streetbooster One – with the exception of the lettering. Only in terms of technology is the counterpart from the Alpine Republic slightly modified. In our test, the folding mechanism proved to be particularly practical, as it allows the electric scooter to be folded or unfolded in a few seconds with just two movements.”

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SOCMAG - Society Magazine

“Compared to many other manufacturers, the comscoot PERFORMANCE has the special feature that the battery can be removed very easily from underneath the footboard using a quick-change system and can be locked away there using its own lock, so that it can be replaced easily and is still well protected against possible theft. The battery included in the scope of delivery weighs a little less than two and a half kilograms and, with a voltage of 9.4 Ah or 350 Wh, is considered particularly powerful and is fully operational after a charging time of around five hours.”

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“In an extensive test, we were able to test the STREETBOOSTER Two e-scooter as the successor to the STREETBOOSTER One. The vehicle was convincing all around. Immediately after assembly, the advantages were visible: the high-quality and robust workmanship of the scooter, and the vehicle also appears more elegant and stable than its predecessor. The appealing, almost seamless design is also convincing from our point of view. According to the manufacturer, they are also working on different coloured foil sets, so that the vehicle can be made even more colourful and individual in the future.

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statista / Süddeutsche

Micromobility has been taken to a new level here: Streetbooster’s e-scooters with road approval reach a top speed of 22 km/h and offer a range of 26 km. This means you can always reach your destination a little faster than others. The battery weighs only 2.3 kg and can therefore be easily taken along, whether for charging or for on the road to extend the range. With 450 watts of continuous power and 700 watts of peak power in the rear wheel motor, you can easily climb gradients of up to 15%.

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“The STREETBOOSTER Two is the latest e-scooter from STREETBOOSTER. It addresses a completely different target group than the excellent STREETBOOSTER One. From my point of view, it is a competitor model to the well-known and popular Segway Ninebot Max G30D. In our STREETBOOSTER Two test, we checked whether it meets these self-set requirements.”

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Presse Augsburg

“Getting from A to B quickly and comfortably, enjoying maximum flexibility and protecting the environment at the same time – that’s exactly what the e-scooter was invented for. But not every model is like the other. This article takes a closer look at the STREETBOOSTER Two e-scooter and gives an overview of its technical details and advantages.”

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Mannheimer Morgen

“It is now impossible to imagine our cities without micro-scooters. More and more journeys that are too long on foot and too short for a bicycle or car are being made with them. What’s the story with the little runabouts? The Motor-Informations-Dienst (mid) tried it out on a model developed in Germany: the Streetbooster Two.”

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Süddeutsche Zeitung

“We have intensively tested a scooter developed in Germany in everyday use: the Streetbooster Two. The nickname “Two” is given to the nimble and chicly styled e-scooter simply because it is the second model of the Streetbooster company from Herborn in Hesse. It is characterised by straight lines, integrated lighting and a powerful drive…”


“The Streetbooster One is a real gem among the street-legal e-scooters and performed excellently in our test. This e-scooter not only exploits the eKFV to the full and reaches a fabulous 22 km/h top speed, but also impresses with features such as app linking, 650 watts maximum motor power and up to 12% more range thanks to brake energy recovery. A special feature is also the terrific service network and the 7-year spare parts guarantee. As a result, the Streetbooster scores points in the test not only for riding fun, but also for sustainability.”

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Dad´s Life

“To say it in advance: The STREETBOOSTER One absolutely convinced us despite really tough use. What we like about this vehicle, how high the range, acceleration, braking distance and much more is under real conditions – and how it compares with other e-scooter models.”

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Scooter comparison

“I expected the STREETBOOSTER One to be a great e-scooter. However, I didn’t expect the first e-scooter model from the fairly young company to blow me away like this. In terms of workmanship and drive, I don’t know of any models off the top of my head that perform better. In addition, the STREETBOOSTER One offers a very good riding experience.”

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E-scooter with registration

The STREETBOOSTER One is one of the few e-scooters that comes fully equipped. In this test report, you can find out whether its functions, riding experience and quality are also convincing.

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Smarter life

“The topic of e-scooters and electromobility has been on my mind for several years. In particular, electric scooters (e-scooters), which have been approved for use for around two years now, are not only fun to ride, they are also extremely practical in everyday life. I’ve been riding the STREETBOOSTER One for some time now, and today I’d like to report on my experience.”

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“The STREETBOOSTER One is the first e-scooter in the micromobility space from Cryptoboost, which is otherwise at home in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The goal was to develop a scooter that guarantees efficiency and driving pleasure. The company from Herborn has even developed a special app for the Streetbooster. Its light weight makes it easy to transport. The range is sufficient for riders who want to cover the last mile with an eco-friendly kick scooter.”

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