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If you long for a scooter that gives you unrestricted freedom, then you’ve come to the right place. Our unlicensed e-scooters open doors to undiscovered paths and allow you to explore the world in a whole new, exciting way. Even though these e-scooters are not permitted on public roads, there is a whole lot to discover!

E-Scooter Serie mit grünen Kreis

Why buy an e-scooter without a road licence?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act (KFG), e-scooters must fulfil certain criteria in order to obtain a road licence. These include, for example, a maximum output of 600 watts and proven safety standards. Electric scooters without a road licence do not meet these criteria and may therefore not be used on public roads. Their use is restricted to private areas where these regulations do not apply.
Compared to road-legal e-scooters, non-road-legal e-scooters have some striking differences:

  • Power: Off-road e-scooters are often equipped with more powerful motors than road-legal e-scooters. This higher power allows you to tackle challenging terrain without compromising the riding experience.
  • Speed: While e-scooters with a road licence are limited to 25 km/h in Austria, e-scooters without a road licence can travel significantly faster.
  • Equipment: E-scooters with a road licence must have certain safety features. Safety features are not mandatory for e-scooters without a road licence, but are of course recommended.

E-scooters without a road licence are particularly popular with people who are looking for a vehicle for leisure activities and want to use it in private areas. Thanks to their high performance and flexibility, they are ideal for adventurous excursions and exploratory tours on non-public roads.
In our range, we offer both e-scooters without road approval and e-scooters with road approval.

The advantages of e-scooters without a licence from comscoot

Our unlicensed e-scooters are designed to offer you maximum comfort, performance and safety. Here are some of the key features that set our models apart from the competition:

  • Compact design: Our e-scooters are not only light and handy, but also extremely easy to transport. Thanks to their foldable design, you can easily store them in the boot of your car, on public transport or even under your desk.
  • Powerful motors: Despite their compact size, our e-scooters are equipped with powerful motors that offer you a dynamic riding experience. Accelerate effortlessly to your desired speed and experience nimble handling in any situation.
  • Long battery life: Our e-scooters are equipped with high-quality rechargeable batteries. This means you can cover long distances without having to worry about coming to an unwanted end. Enjoy your journeys without interruptions!
  • Intuitive operation: The operation of our e-scooters is designed to be extremely simple and user-friendly. With intuitive controls and a clear LCD display, you have full control over your vehicle at all times. Thanks to the comscoot app, operating your e-scooter without a road licence is even easier!

E-scooters without road approval: our models

At comscoot, we offer you various e-scooters without a road licence. It doesn’t matter whether your children are having their first scooter experience in the yard or on adventurous excursions in nature.

comscoot SCOOTY: E-scooter without road licence for children

We have the comscoot SCOOTY ready for the youngest riders. With its appealing black/green design, this unlicensed e-scooter is not only an eye-catcher, but also a safe and entertaining companion for children. With three speed modes (6, 12 and 16 km/h), the SCOOTY offers a customised riding experience that meets the individual abilities and needs of young riders. In addition to electric use, the SCOOTY can also be used as a scooter for added fun and versatility. With a range of up to 8 km, solid rubber tyres and a weight of just 7.5 kg, the SCOOTY is easy to handle and an ideal companion for adventurous children on their exploration tours.

comscoot MAX 45: Off-road with the e-scooter without a road licence

One outstanding example is the comscoot MAX 45, an improved version of the well-known MAX model. With a powerful motor of 1,320 W peak power, the MAX 45 offers a dynamic riding experience. Thanks to its three speed modes (20, 35 and 45 km/h), it adapts flexibly to the requirements of different situations. Despite the increased power unit, this e-scooter offers a range of up to 34 km, making it a reliable companion for extended excursions without compromising on quality and safety. As the MAX 45 is an e-scooter without a road licence, its use is restricted to private areas.

If you buy your e-scooter from us without a road licence, you will also benefit from our numerous service advantages. For example, we offer you climate-neutral shipping and delivery as well as a 7-year spare parts supply. Our specialist dealers in your area are also always on hand as direct contacts!

Buy e-scooters from comscoot now - even without a road licence!

E-scooters without a road licence open up a fascinating opportunity to make your leisure time exciting and varied. At comscoot, you can expect a diverse selection of high-quality e-scooters without a road licence at extremely attractive prices. Be inspired by our range today and discover your new e-scooter to enjoy freedom on two wheels to the full. Buy an e-scooter now and get going!

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