at least 7 years guaranteed spare parts supply!

Long-term spare parts supply - quality and reliability for your e-scooters

At comscoot, we understand the importance of reliable spare parts supply for your e-scooters. That is why we attach great importance to offering you a long-term solution. With many years of experience in the e-mobility industry, we can be proud to offer a minimum 7-year spare parts supply for our e-scooters.

Quality and durability

Our e-scooters are manufactured with the utmost care and using high quality materials. This high quality also extends to our spare parts, which are specially designed for the compatibility and durability of our e-scooters.

Reliable spare parts supply

We are proud to be able to offer our customers a long-term spare parts supply. Our extensive stock includes a wide range of spare parts for our e-scooter models. This allows us to ensure that you get the parts you need quickly and easily when you need them. Our trained and experienced team is at your side and will be happy to assist you in selecting and ordering the right spare parts.

Customer satisfaction comes first

We place great emphasis on customer satisfaction and want to provide you with a worry-free driving experience. Long-term spare parts supply is an important part of our commitment to provide you with a reliable and durable product. You can count on us to be there for you in the years to come, assisting you with any repairs or replacement parts you may need.

Trust comscoot and our many years of experience in the e-mobility industry. With our minimum 7-year spare parts supply, we offer you the security and certainty that your e-scooter will continue to function optimally in the future and that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Repair it yourself?

Step 1

Order suitable spare part at comscoot.

Step 2

Get the spare part conveniently delivered to your home

Step 3

You will receive detailed instructions on how to install the spare part.

Step 4

Replacement of the spare part.

Step 5

Turn on and have fun again.

Have it repaired?

Step 1

Pack ComScooter well

Step 2

Shipping the scooter to comscoot

Step 3

Repair of the device by our experts

Step 4

Return shipping of the scooter to your home

We are repair bonus partner. For residential customers, there is a 50% discount on all comscoot repair work. For more info click