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comscoot Boomerang system: The ideal e-mobility solution for companies, industrial centres, technoparks, municipalities, residential parks and tourism businesses. The clever e-scooter system stands for structure instead of chaos – and the name says it all, because the e-scooter reliably always comes back. With the four tools e-scooter, unlocking options, central online control tool as well as a combined charging and docking station, the e-scooters are always safely locked, quickly charged, perfectly organised as well as clearly assignable to the user.

This is how smart e-mobility works – the e-asy way.

The smart sharing model
with 4 e-asy tools

E-asy mobility solution for e-scooters

The well thought-out e-mobility offer with e-scooters is the smart “all-in-one solution” for the simple promotion of sustainable infrastructure – precisely adapted to your requirements and needs.

Purchase or leasing of the e-scooter

comscoot “BOOMERANG”

Three Unlocking options

for the use of the e-scooters

Central Dashboard

to control the e-scooters

Docking station

for loading and locking

Service & Maintenance

For a smooth and worry-free e-mobility experience with the comscoot Boomerang system, we offer comprehensive service and maintenance services that guarantee the top condition of the e-scooters as well as the associated system components.

Enrolment in the Boomerang system

A one-off training session with explanations of the e-scooter, the unlocking options, the online dashboard and the charging and docking stations.

for the module

We regularly check the software, the associated licences and can also access the modules via remote maintenance.

Services Services

We take care of software updates as well as maintenance and service work for you and – if necessary – also repairs to the e-scooter.

Tool 1
The comscoot e-scooter

The smart

from € 990,-

smarter on the move 
faster on the road 
more sustainable on the road 
with comscoot

Tool 2
Select activation option

The e-scooters can be removed from the docking and charging stations in seconds using 3 different release options. The respective user can thus be clearly assigned and held responsible for any damage to the e-scooter. The activation function can be added to existing RFID chips or cards, provided the technical standard is the same.

You also have full control over costs and can set the amounts for renting the e-scooters individually.

Boomerang System
with IOT + App

Costs per release of the e-scooter incl. The user is charged for the rental period via the app.

via app

Boomerang System
with RFID

The costs for the user are determined individually by the operator (free of charge, amount per hour, etc.).

by means of RFID chip

by means of RFID card

Locking and loading 
with comscoot boomerang

Functions of the app

The app belonging to the system is one of the unlocking options for users of the Boomerang system. Here, the user must accept the data protection regulations and add their data and a payment option in order to be able to use the system – then simply scan the QR code with the app on the terminal and off you go.

The following information and functions are available to the app user:

Dashboard functions

Occupancy of the wards

A current live overview with utilisation of the stations at various locations

Useful life of the e-scooters
Average usage time per day can be viewed, additional evaluation options for individual time periods
Number of trips

Average number of journeys per day can be viewed, additional individual evaluation options

Payment link

Automatic billing with various payment options (credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.)

Vehicle information

Insight into current charge status, current driving speed, current user, location

Establishment of zones

Throttling or blocking of zones, deposit of free and paid parking options

Tilt message
Warning if the e-scooter tips over
Billing options

Individually definable billing options (billing by the minute, by the hour, fixed daily rate, etc.)

E-scooter removal
The system automatically releases the e-scooter with the highest battery charge. Other adjustable options available.
Docking station blocking

During events, maintenance work, service etc., stations can be blocked for withdrawal or return.

Push messages

Push messages can be sent to users via the dashboard.

Free minutes

In the online tool, free minutes can be issued or discount codes can be generated as a bonus system.

Functions of the app

The app belonging to the system is one of the unlocking options for users of the Boomerang system. Here, the user must accept the data protection regulations and add their data and a payment option in order to be able to use the system – then simply scan the QR code with the app on the terminal and off you go.

The following information and functions are available to the app user:

Location of the e-scooter charging stations (Google Maps)

Charging status of the available e-scooters at the stations

Overview of the last trips

Automatic billing

Tool 3
Central dashboard
RFID chip/card

The fleet management system in the “light version” of the central online dashboard provides a quick overview of the most basic information and data on e-scooter use. It is possible to see exactly which e-scooter was taken from which RFID chip/card (user) at which time and in which place.

Functions of the Dashobard

of RFID chip/cards

Locking charging
and docking stations

and docking stations

With the Dashboard 
all e-scooters 
all details 
all functions 
always at a glance.

Tool 4
Docking & Charging Stations

How the smart docking stations work

The docking and charging station of the comscoot Boomerang system ensures safe storage and a fast charging process of the e-scooters. The system offers a contactless RFID chip or card reader, an LED charge level indicator, fully automatic locking and can be expanded modularly at any time. The station is quickly set up, can be individually branded in the desired design and can even be operated using photovoltaics without a power connection.


The ComScooter is removed from the charging station by means of activation options (app, chip or card).

E-scooter must be returned to the same charging station where it was taken from
Upon return, the system automatically locks, logs out the user and starts the charging process

Return and start charging within a few seconds

Technical details

modularly expandable

up to 30 charging points per main module

230 V power connection from 10 A (no heavy current required)

can be operated with photovoltaics


€ 1.490,-

Storage module

(for 2 pitches)

€ 3.290,-

The mobility solution 
for companies 
for industrial centres 
for Technoparks 
for communities 
for residential complexes 
for tourism enterprises 
- simply more sustainable

comscoot Boomerang - The e-scooter system with win-win situation for operator and user

Advantages for
the operator

Advantages for
the user

One system - numerous possibilities

comscoot Boomerang:
Simply more flexibility on all your paths.
Company, industry
and Technoparks
  • Covering distances quickly on the company premises
  • Quickly scouting for the appointment away from home
  • Taking the e-scooter to the lunch break or on the the afternoon coffee
Cities, municipalities
and tourism enterprises
  • Sightseeing to excursion destinations
  • short distances through the city
  • Shopping, coffee, eating out
Farm management
and municipalities, ...
  • short distances within the municipality
  • internal routes on larger company premises
  • quickly to the lunch break
Housing projects
and project developer
  • Spontaneously visiting acquaintances in the neighbourhood
  • Recreational fun
  • A quick trip to the bakery or for a coffee
  • short distances to the city centre
  • Shopping and shopping trips
With the e-scooter 
on the company premises 
to dates 
on the way.


We will be happy to put together your personal offer for the comscoot Boomerang system.


Contact us for your individual leasing offer for the comscoot Boomerang system.

Funding Services

The purchase of 5 or more e-scooters is currently even subsidised. We will be happy to inform you.

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