The exchangeable battery of the comscoot PERFORMANCE

The comscoot PERFORMANCE is a high-quality e-scooter that stands out for its special interchangeable battery function. With this you can cover twice the range of your e-scooter without having to charge the battery. The battery is easily removable and can be charged separately. Locking the battery is no problem either, as it comes with two keys for secure locking.

The suitable transport bag for the exchangeable battery

So that you can easily transport the comscoot PERFORMANCE exchangeable battery, there is also a matching transport bag. This is particularly robust and protects the battery from damage during transport. The transport bag can even be attached directly to the e-scooter, so you always have a spare battery handy. By using the exchangeable battery and the transport bag, you can even double the range of your comscoot PERFORMANCE.

Why is the battery of the comscoot PERFORMANCE particularly powerful?

The battery of the comscoot PERFORMANCE is particularly powerful, as it consists of cells of the 21,700 type from battery manufacturer LG. This generation of cells, which is also used in Tesla’s top-of-the-line model, is significantly more powerful due to its design and allows continuous energy output well into a low state of charge. By using this high-quality battery, you are always on the safe side with the comscoot PERFORMANCE and can rely on the performance of your e-scooter.