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comscoot ECO

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comscoot ECO

E-Scooter from the Austrian supplier

COMSCOOT was founded by two young Austrians and specialises in the sustainable use of e-scooters for commuting, tourism and leisure. Repairing is always better than throwing away – therefore comscoot assures every buyer that spare parts will be constantly available for a period of 7 years. The after-sales area at comscoot is extensive and reliably designed:   The e-scooter models can be sent for service or, in the event of more serious damage, can also be repaired without difficulty. As we are a company based in southern Styria, we can also boast reliable customer support: Our hotline is manned daily from 08:00 to 18:00 and is happy to help with any problems or questions.

Large air-filled tyres

We have installed 8.5 inch air-filled tyres in all comscoot e-scooter models. This means: full control over your e-scooter, even in bumpy road conditions you can continue your journey without any problems – and with fun. Tyres that are too small or solid rubber tyres lead to poor ride comfort – every little bump is then noticeable.  

E-asy folding mechanism

Nothing is more annoying than taking a long time to fold or unfold an e-scooter when handling it. The solution? A simple, safe and above all fast folding mechanism that we have installed. This means that the COMSCOOT ECO can be folded up or down in just a few seconds.

Technical  special modifications for full driving pleasure

Our comscoot e-scooters feature technical modifications that are otherwise only known from the automotive industry. The models offer, among other things, a practical cruise control function, which is why you do not have to press the accelerator pedal all the time. In addition, the battery is recharged during braking thanks to the recuperation brake. The comscoot e-scooters have three different driving speeds, making it easy to adjust the speed to the surroundings.


The battery of the comscoot model “ECO” has been certified by TÜV-SÜD and contains an intelligent battery management system. This battery management system prevents deep discharge and overloading of the battery. During the charging process, the battery – once it reaches 80% – is only charged very slowly, thus minimising the load and at the same time promoting a longer battery life.  

Range of the COMSCOOT ECO

We tested the range of our COMSCOOT ECO under above-average conditions: Test rider with 80 kg, throttle depressed, normal to steep terrain. The result? A whole 26 kilometres until the e-scooter stopped. However, we also took a close look at the range of our COMSCOOT ECO on the test bench: With a load of 75 kg and a constant speed of 15 km/h, we were able to achieve a range of a full 40 km. By the way: During the first few charging cycles, the range still increases.   

Only 13.5 kg lightweight

A real “lightweight”: Our COMSCOOT ECO weighs only 13.5 kg and is therefore very easy to carry. Because: An e-scooter must never be too heavy, even if it usually only has to be lifted into the boot or carried on buses and trains. However, anything that weighs more than approx. 18 kg is no longer manageable. Unless you want to save yourself the next workout.

Safe front wheel brake

Many e-scooters have a front wheel brake that is too strong, too weak or too jerky. There is a risk of not coming to a stop in time or – in the worst case – of a fall. The front brake on our COMSCOOT ECO, on the other hand, can be finely and continuously dosed and is still powerful. With each braking process, the battery is also charged at the same time (recuperation).

Gadgets included with purchase

A charger, chain lock and smartphone holder are included with the purchase of a COMSCOOT ECO. As a result, comscoot offers you as a customer an all-round successful “starter package”. 


Detailed description

COMSCOOTER: 100% driving fun, 100% performance

We have taken micromobility to a new level: Our e-scooters reach a top speed of 25 km/h and have a range of at least 26 km. This means you will always reach your destination a little faster. What else makes our ComScooters so extraordinary? We have worked with a lot of passion and the necessary technical know-how to create an e-scooter that exceeds your expectations. The result of our e-scooters: maximum stability, durable materials and innovative technology – for 100 % riding fun and 100 % performance without compromise. The COMSCOOT ECO is equipped with a technically sophisticated and robust battery that has been certified by TÜV Süd and features an intelligent battery management system. Frames made of aluminium with a bottom part made of one casting as well as a massive mudguard reinforcement provide the necessary stability and robustness. High-quality electronics round off the overall picture: smooth braking and acceleration ensure more riding comfort and fun, as do the air-filled tyres from CST. For maximum safety, the COMSCOOT ECO also features a disc brake system from ZOOM with damper rubbers for crunch-free riding pleasure.  

With your COMSCOOT ECO, you can go wherever you want.

COMSCOOT ECO in the fact check: 3 seconds, 13.5 kg and 7 years. With the patented folding mechanism, the e-scooter is folded or unfolded in just 3 seconds. Cumbersome handling was yesterday. Up, on, down, closed – why be difficult when it’s easy? With a weight of only 13.5 kg and a length of only 103 cm, transporting the COMSCOOT ECO in the car, bus or train is particularly easy. We guarantee the supply of spare parts for a full 7 years. We keep all spare parts permanently in stock for you. So you can be back on the road with your e-scooter the very next day.

Always App-to-Date: The COMSCOOT APP 

We bring together what belongs together: driving pleasure and modern, digital technology. With the COMSCOOT app for Android and iOS, you can conveniently check the speed and charge status of your e-scooter. Another plus of the COMSCOOT app?  With the app, you activate an immobiliser with a “finger movement”, so to speak, which blocks the front wheel brake and thereby prevents unauthorised persons from accessing your e-scooter. Our digital vehicle key for you! Maximum security is ensured by assigning an individual password for the COMSCOOT app, thus preventing unauthorised access to your e-scooter.

More than just an e-scooter

More than just an e-scooter For us, this also includes “more service”. We have created a comprehensive service concept that allows us to offer our COMSCOOT e-scooters at numerous bicycle dealers. We keep a spare parts warehouse, which guarantees you a seamless supply of spare parts. Take advantage of our extensive payment options when you buy your COMSCOOT e-scooter from us.

Advice or important tips? Our customer service is there for you with pleasure and stands to you with words and deeds every working day under the number: 0720 / 22 70 60 or by mail to [email protected] from 8:00 to 18 o’clock.

Weight 17,9 kg

Black, Green, White



Smartphone-Halterung kostenlos inkludiert


Kettenschloss kostenlos inkludiert


Klappbar (binnen Sekunden)



13.5 kg (light construction)

Energierückgewinnung mittels Rekuperation


Österreichischer Anbieter


Service- & Reparaturmöglichkeit


3 Geschwindigkeits-Modi

12, 20 and 25 km/h

7 Jahre garantierte Ersatzteilversorgung


Maximale Geschwindigkeit

25 km/h


350 Watt nominal power


26 km (tested under above-average load), 40 km test bench range


10-15 %

Verkehrsrechtlich zugelassen


Dämpfergummis für angenehmes Fahrgefühl


Maximales Fahrergewicht

106.5 kg


8.5 inch pneumatic tyres with inner tube

Verstärkter Kotflügel


Bremse vorne

electric (with recuperation)

Bremse hinten

Disc brake system by ZOOM

LED Front- & Rückleuchte


Kompatibel mit KlickFix-System


Ladezeit bis 80 %

2 hours

Ladezeit bis 100 %

5 hours

Intelligentes Batteriemanagementsystem



Lithium-ion 7.5 Ah / 270 Wh

App-Anbindung via Bluetooth

Yes (iOS and Android)







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