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Alarm box with lock

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Secure your property effectively and reliably with the comscoot alarm box for e-scooters

Our comscoot alarm box is not only a locking system, but also an intelligent alarm device that protects your property from unwanted access. Whether it’s your bike, grill or tools, the alarm box is versatile.

Reliable theft protection

The alarm box has an intelligent alarm mechanism that reacts to vibrations and movements. If someone tries to steal your property, the alarm will go off with a deafening 100 dB signal that will scare off any thief.

Easy installation and versatile application

The alarm box can be easily attached to all e-scooter models of comscoot, and secured with the supplied key. In case of slight bumping or movement, the box gives a short 5-second warning. If the theft attempts persist, the alarm is triggered again.

Additional security

With every comscoot e-scooter, either a rope or a chain lock is included.

Technical details:

  • Alarm function with a loud signal of at least 100 dB lasting 15 seconds, followed by re-arming.
  • 3D Position Detection – An advanced alarm system that detects vibrations and movements in all three dimensions and activates the alarm.
  • Intelligent alarm – In case of light and short shocks, such as might be caused by a soccer ball, the alarm box will only give a short warning.
  • CR2 battery included for very long lasting use.
  • The attachment is possible on all comscoot e-scooters.

Protect your e-scooter now with the comscoot alarm box. and provide the security you deserve.


With chain lock, With rope lock







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