The comscoot e-scooters "ECO" and "PERFORMANCE" in comparison

Each of us has different ideas about what an e-scooter should be able to do: It should be light, easy to operate and still offer enough power to cover everyday distances quickly. Or rather a stable model that offers enough power to overcome slopes and, if necessary, to go on longer trips with the e-scooter thanks to the exchangeable battery system.

No matter what your requirements are for an e-scooter: One of our two models, “comscoot ECO” or “comscoot PERFORMANCE” are sure to meet them. If you need a little help deciding, just scroll through our e-scooter comparison and learn about the advantages of the “comscoot ECO” and the “comscoot PERFORMANCE”.

The practical
“ECO” ​

The powerful “PERFORMANCE”

The most important details

Would you prefer the comscoot ECO or the comscoot PERFORMANCE? Here you can find the most important details of the two e-scooter models at a glance:

Lightweight and manoeuvrable

8.5 inch tyres

350 Watt nominal /
650 Watt peak power

Removable battery

10 inch tyres

450 Watt nominal /
740 Watt peak power


The “PERFORMANCE” e-scooter also manages more incline than the smaller “ECO” model e-scooter thanks to its more powerful performance.

10-12 %

15-17 %


The “ECO” e-scooter can cover around 26 kilometres under realistic conditions, while the “PERFORMANCE” e-scooter can also cover up to 66 kilometres thanks to its practical exchangeable battery system.

26 km

33 – 66 km


The comscoot “ECO” is a true “lightweight”, while the robust comscoot “PERFORMANCE” weighs a few more kilos.

13.5 kg

20 kg

Load capacity

The comscoot “ECO” carries around 106 kilos, while the comscoot “PERFORMANCE” manages around 120 kilos thanks to its robust construction.

106 kg

120 kg

E-scooter comparison - what really matters in an e-scooter?

E-scooters are becoming more and more popular all over Austria and other countries: it is not uncommon to meet someone with an e-scooter on the train, or to see someone whizzing around with an e-scooter in the city on their way to work. No wonder, because e-scooters enable e-asy mobility – and that in an environmentally friendly way. If you are thinking about getting an e-scooter, you will want to know what is important in a high-quality e-scooter – our detailed comparison will help you!

These are the most important criteria in an e-scooter comparison

There are many e-scooter suppliers: that’s why it’s all the more important to look around before buying an e-scooter and pay particular attention to details such as materials, brakes, lighting, wheels, electronics, workmanship and so on. After all, you want to enjoy your new e-scooter for as long as possible. It’s also worth taking a closer look at things like weight, size, comfort and driving pleasure – and the best way to do this is by taking an e-scooter test drive directly at comscoot, where you can try out our two e-scooter models comscoot “ECO” and comscoot “PERFORMANCE” at your leisure.
You should take a closer look at the following features before buying an e-scooter:

  • Powerful engine
  • Non-slip footboard for safe standing
  • Safe and reliable brakes
  • Large tyres for more driving comfort
  • Durable and powerful lithium-ion batteries
  • Robust and high quality materials
  • Quickly and easily foldable
  • Low weight
  • Spare parts availability & service and repair offer
  • Immobiliser
  • Lighting system

To ensure that you enjoy your e-scooter for a particularly long time, we not only recommend that you have it serviced at regular intervals, but also that you take out insurance.

The comscoot “ECO” in the e-scooter comparison

The comscoot “ECO” convinces all along the line – and we’re not just saying that, because the e-scooter has already scored very high marks in several comparisons. In addition to the design and the high quality of the material processing, test reports particularly emphasise the low weight and the compact dimensions of the e-scooter. The e-asy folding mechanism is also always strongly emphasised, because the comscoot “ECO” can be opened or closed in no more than 3 seconds – it couldn’t be faster! In addition to the engine performance, the top speed of max. 25 km/h, which you can even control easily using cruise control. And this is completed by the range of up to 26 kilometres, which was tested under real conditions – after all, you are not driving your e-scooter on a test bench.

The braking system of the comscoot “ECO” is also convincing all along the line: thanks to an electric front wheel brake that responds particularly quickly, you come to a standstill quickly and, above all, smoothly – recuperation included. The disc brake on the rear wheel supports the braking process and completes the braking system. The suspension of the e-scooter “ECO” also scores very well thanks to the 8.5 inch air-filled tyres. Our innovative battery system also clearly passed the test. Thanks to the intelligent battery management system, it charges particularly gently and evenly and manages to go from 0 % to 80 % battery charge in just two hours.

When you take a closer look at different e-scooter models, not only the hardware but also service and repair options should play a role: This way, you are guaranteed to enjoy your e-scooter for a long time. We keep all spare parts in stock – and our e-scooters always come to you with a 7-year guaranteed spare parts supply. In case of damage or if a service is due, we are always at your disposal and will take care of your request. Our e-scooter “ECO” is also an all-round success thanks to the practical app, which can be used not only to activate an immobiliser, but also to view service intervals and other detailed information – completely free of charge. And as a “treat”, when you buy the comscoot “ECO” you also get a smartphone holder and a secure chain lock.

And where do the price differences in different e-scooter models come from?

Always pay attention to the price-performance ratio before buying an e-scooter, because that’s what really matters. Of course, you can also get cheaper models, but mostly e-scooters in the price range of around € 800 – 1000 perform comparatively clearly better. This is particularly evident in the workmanship, the materials used and the electronic components on your e-scooter. Often the brakes of the cheaper models are not really reliable either. It is therefore worth taking a close look before buying and – if possible – also taking a test drive. Even if the e-scooter costs a little more in the end: You will simply enjoy your new e-scooter from comscoot for longer thanks to a longer service life, 7 years of guaranteed spare parts supply and much more.

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